Paddle racket: Drop of water? Round? Diamond?

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Paddle racket: Drop of water? Round? Diamond?

No, these are not the different shapes of snowflakes that are currently whitening your favorite outdoor track, nor of those of your reflection in the mirror (although ...) after these past festivals without being able to practice your favorite racquet sport.

But these are the 3 different forms of padel rackets that exist on the market and within our e-shop: Spirit Padel Shop.

Bullpadel, Babolat, Dunlop, Head, Wilson, Siux or Technifibre, whatever your favorite brand, you will first need to determine what type of racquet is right for you before making your choice. In order to implement the 5 tips for choosing your racquete padel according to the reference site in France for our sport Padelmagazine, you will first need choose its form.


“Round” shaped rackets 

Their center of gravity is the lowest of the three with the consequence of favoring handling rather than power. We are talking about a "sleeve" weight. Requiring less details on the strike zone, it can be suitable for all levels of practice. Nevertheless it is often the one with which the beginner or occasional practitioner will feel the most comfortable. It will also suit the regular player without much experience in racquet sports and who is looking to progress.

babolat round padel racket for beginners

Even if the experienced player will find it less easy to find what he likes with this form of racquet, some will still choose it to counterbalance or accentuate certain characteristics of their game. The player on the right will try to counter the opposing power by defending more and more. while the attacker sure of his power, will be looking for more finesse.


Snowshoes in the shape of a "diamond" 

Unlike the first mentioned, here the center of gravity is clearly at the head of the racket for more power in each strike. We will talk about a "leading" weight. While handling isn't the goal, it isn't overlooked either. Claiming greater technicality, it is intended a priori for experienced players. The intermediate player in search of power will also find his account. In addition, it is also ideal for our tennis "cousins" converted into padeleros convinced for whom holding and handling a racket correctly is not a problem. With this racket, the powerful player will seek to accentuate his qualities while the player on the right will seek more aggressiveness to finish the points.

 bullpadel vertex confort 2021 padel racket


Snowshoes in the shape of a "drop of water" 

With a median center of gravity and therefore a so-called “neutral” weight, this intermediate form between the first two represents a form of compromise. With its ideal strike zone in the middle of the sieve, it is the racquet of the balance between power and maneuverability. From the confirmed and ultra-powerful player who seeks control to the motivated and progressing student to the regular practitioner but who still seeks his style, rackets in the form of "water drop»Impose their versatility. If you are unsure of which would be the best choice for you, whether you are more of a forward or a defender, these racquets will never disappoint.

zephyr ul head padel racket


In the end, it appears from our experience that even with the most knowledgeable and precise advice possible, your personal and practical experience will be an essential element in guiding you in this choice. As soon as they re-open, do not hesitate to ask your clubs to try out and get advice on according to your style of play.


Finally, If the saying that all tastes are in nature applies fully in the choice of its padel racket, another maxim will henceforth be that of all padel players attached to their club and wishing to enhance it: all padel rackets are in the shop Spirit Padel Shop !


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