What is a "par 3" smash? 4 tips for success!

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What is a "par 3" smash? 4 tips for success!

The smash "by 3" where the smash "x3" is a smash coming out of the padel court. But not just any outgoing smash, the one that comes out the side of the field. We call it "par 3" because the ball comes out on one of the two sides of the field where the latter measures 3 meters high.

padel court dimension

(source: padel.blog.lemonde.fr)

The object of this stroke is to bounce the ball off the back glass to make it come out to the side.

Seen like this, the par 3 smash seems rather easy to achieve, but you will see that there is a real technique behind this blow!


1. Use the lift to make the ball squirt as it bounces against the glass

He is very important to use the lift, it is thanks to him that the ball will be able to go out of the field. For those who have played tennis, it is the gesture of service "kickedWhich players use to bounce the ball high enough off the opponent's backhand.

In padel, it's the same, and thanks to this rotation, the ball will come up again after its rebound against the glass.

You can practice doing this exercise which will allow you to feel the gesture that you must perform in order to put spin on the ball.

 educational, exercise for smash by 3 padel

You can also use the wrist to wrap the ball as much as possible and allow the ball to rotate more so that it can squirt as much as possible against the glass.


2. Take the ball slightly behind you, while moving forward

Par 3 is not an ordinary smash. Indeed, for this special move, it will be necessary to think about these 2 points:

  • Stand in front of the ball in order to take it slightly behind you. This technique will allow you to accentuate the effect you will give to the ball
  • Advance in the field to give maximum power in the ball without forcing with the arm. The weight transfer from the body to the front is very important in padel, especially on a par 3 smash. It gives a power and a ball length that you will not have if you do not go forward. when you take your shot.

You will notice that the most difficult thing is getting a ball out of the field while performing the movement while backing up. In this case, in order to have maximum success, you will need to stop your recoil in order to put as much engagement as possible into the ball upon impact.



3. Have a racquet in mind

Eh yes ! It may be a detail! But it will be easier to make a par 3 smash with a diamond racket or drop of water with a round racquet.

But let's be clear, if you can't do it with a round racquet, you won't do it with a powerful racquet, either. Indeed, the type of racquet used will in no way influence the player's technique. If you did not do the right thing, we advise you to correct this technical fault first, using our advice or lessons with Francois Authier for example, Before thinking about changing padel rackets.

If you already have the right technique, it will be thanks to a powerful racquet like the Air Viper, the Vertex 03, the Genesis Power, the Bela Teamor the Alpha Prothat you will get to get out more balls. It is with this style of racket that you will have an easier time exceeding the famous 3-meter bar on your outgoing smash


4. Don't be too greedy

Gluttony ... This is one of the most common faults on padel tracks. We often believe ourselves to be stronger than what we are, which leads us to hit too hard, make unnecessary bumps, or even aim for the grid too often: being too greedy!

These poor play choices are often found in the smash. We tend, and I am the first, to want hit the ball too hard and from too far in a smash. This usually results in a ball that is easy for the opponent to play because it has not gone out of bounds.

This is why we advise you to try the par 3 only when you are 90% sure to get the ball out of the field.


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