Why are you going to love playing Padel?

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Why are you going to love playing Padel?

Have you never played padel? Why ? You do not know ? If there's one thing we're sure after reading this article you won't be long without discover this sport.

Padel is clearly the sport to bet on as it is developing in France and so much adored in certain countries such as Argentina and Spain.

So don't wait until this sport is at the top of fashion to get started!

We will see 6 points that make this sport as special as it is enjoyable.

Padel a fun sport

A fun sport:

Insert link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ5xXMurNI0

Padel is a racquet sport which is easy to practice and which does not require a top level to be able to gain a foothold.

Unlike tennis, or even badminton, your arm movements are shorter and therefore less restrictive and easier to assimilate, the rackets are small so handy quite easily and the racket strainer is big enough for anyone to return the ball.

The last little peculiarity, which earned him to be likened to squash, is that we can play against walls who will be your allies for the duration of your practice. This specificity makes the very fun game and often gives rise to improbable points that one is proud to have achieved.


A friendly sport:

Padel a friendly sport


The second thing we think of when we talk about padel is often its friendliness. Indeed, unlike other racket sports, it is played only in pairs and not in 1 against 1. This 2vs2 format allows you to have fun with a teammate. It really brings out team spirit which is not always present in racquet sports.

However, this could create a problem which is that you always have to find three other players in order to play. This is why several clubs, such as Esprit Padel located in Lyon, use a player matchmaking system.

Indeed, thanks to an application you can create or join a game even with players that you do not yet know. This system makes this sport even more user-friendly since you can meet new people very easily and why not your future dream teammate.

It also allows play very regularly for players who become addicted to the sport but who do not necessarily have teammates and opponents as available as they are.

This system is also very effective thanks to an informal level principle which will allow you to join games with players of a similar level to yours.


An informal level system

We will briefly tell you about the 10 levels that exist and their usefulness, but if you want to know more in a fun way I let you watch these videos made by Esprit Padel in order to explain to you what each level corresponds to.

We put you the link of the first video which aims to describe the padel and to make you discover the first 3 levels. The other levels are explained in other videos.

Insert link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1YuWATOHK8&t=14s

Informal padel levels

The levels, which are defined informally, will allow you to be able to play with players who have a similar level to yours. We're not gonna lie to each other it's pretty boring playing with players too below our level, but it's just as boring if he's way too strong for us.


Very handy and inexpensive snowshoes:

Esprit Padel Shop Head Flash 2021

I will not surprise you if I tell you that to practice this sport you need a padel racket. Two solutions are then open to you: Either you rent one for the time of your practice or you buy one.

The second choice might look like an investment but it is not necessarily because the main brands that are established in the racket sale offer you the most handy and comfortable Low price. If you want to know more about these rackets at quality / price ratio very interesting I advise you to consult our article: The 8 best snowshoes under 100 € 

The snowshoes at a modest price are often intended for beginners and allow you to take pleasure from your first snowshoe stroke. Indeed, they are often quite light making them very handy and with a fairly large sieve (especially rackets with a round shape. Click on this link if you want to learn more about racquet shapes) allowing you to return each ball quite easily.


Many activities within the clubs:

Activities offered by padel clubs

We repeat ourselves a bit but the atmosphere that reigns around this sport is the fun. This is reflected in the clubs through the activities they offer. This is the case of up and down or even leisure tournaments organized by clubs to have fun without participating in an official tournament. It also allows you to meet new people, which is always nice.


Tournaments for all levels:

Padel tournament

Official tournaments are orchestrated by the French Tennis Federation which is, nowadays, the federation which deals with Padel. In order to participate in a tournament, it is sufficient to be licensed to the FFT during the current sports year.

4 categories, depending on the level, were established by the FFT but a new category has just been added to the great happiness of beginners:


  • P25: This is the new category which aims to involve beginners who want to officially face new opponents for those who are looking for a challenge.
  • P100 and P250: These tournaments require at least 4 teams. The level of the players is between intermediate and advanced.
  • P500 and P1000: These are the two tournament categories where the level is the highest, especially the P1000 which are aimed at the best players.


After these nice words, you just have to put on shorts and a t-shirt and finally discover this new sport which surely has some nice surprises in store for you!

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