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Padel perspiration: remedies!

Posted by Joffrey Gilant on

Padel perspiration: remedies!

Ah perspiration at the Padel ... We are now faced with a topical subject!

Indian summer is coming! Despite less summer temperatures than in previous years, Sweating is present on the Padel tracks. You’ll tell me that some are not waiting in summer to stream on the grounds ... But a large part of the players are faced with this problem during the summer period. Indeed, playing in full sun or in a room with high temperatures strongly promote sweating of all parts of the body.

Padel perspiration can be a real problem when it reaches the hand holding the racket. This is why the wrist strap is compulsory on all padel snowshoes to avoid accidents due to a racket release.

Holding your racket well is essential at the padel, This will allow you to have more insurance in your blows.

Some accessories can be very usefulDepending on your degree of perspiration.


Low perspiration


For all players who feel their perspiration reach their hands during the summer hot weather, we can advise you to adopt the sponge wrist and the implementation of Surgrips on their racket.


Sponge bracelet


Padel anti -sweating wrist


The sponge bracelet (or sponge wrist) may be an excellent accessory when you feel that perspiration of your arm flows on your hand. This accessory allows Stop the flow on your arm And to mop up your forehead between each point for example. In addition to its functional side, it will allow you to complete your outfit in style thanks to these different colors.




Differentiating from grips, much thinner emergence, arise on grips and change more or less regularly. Some play directly with the grip and others prefer to play with an Surgrip. In these two scenarios, you will have to change the coating on which you put your hand when it no longer adheres to the convenience. Know that changing a surgrip will be more simple and more economical What to change a grip. This is why today, the majority of "Padeleros" play with a surgrip on their Padel racket.

But an Surgrip also has other very useful features:

  • Grow the handle
  • Have more comfort
  • Absorb perspiration and increase racket adhesion

It is on this last point that we will dwell. Indeed, an Surgrip can effectively absorb perspiration. But beware, not all the Surgrips are created equal. We will have to turn to Pergrips perforated which absorb a little more perspiration than conventional surgrips.

Karakal Padel perforated surgrip


These two solutions allow players who meet small concerns of perspiration to improve their comfort of play. But beware, these are not miracle solutions, other accessories are more effective on this.


Average perspiration

Transpiring you a little all year round, but the summer period is fatal for you? So you are in the right place, just read these next lines because the accessories presented below have been adopted by many players lately.


The famous Hesacore grip in the shape of a honeycomb

Bullpadel honeycomb grip


Hasacore grip has, for a few years, revolutionized the market thanks to its innovation.

This grip, which is put directly on the (gross) handle of the racket, has managed to conquer many padel players thanks to its advantages:

  • Absorbs vibrations and decreases the risk of injury
  • Improves comfort and play sensations
  • Increases the grip of the hand on the handle

This is the latter point that interests us here. Because indeed, thanks to its bee nest shape and its particular reliefs, your hand will have a much better catch than with a classic smooth handle.

Practical info: Remove the original grip from your racket before putting this grip in the form of a sleeve. It comes in a box with its plastic strips which will allow you to put it easily.

Note: you cannot play this grip, you will be forced to add a surgrip in order to keep it on the handle.


Gorilla Gold® BY NOX towel


This napkin distributed by the Nox brand will be your ally to all side changes. Indeed, patented technology Gorilla Gold® has already proven itself in sports such as golf and hockey where the need for grip is essential.

Padel anti -sweating prepiration

It will be enough to wipe your sleeve as well as your hands of perspiration so that this technology pushes moisture thanks to the resin from which it is soaked.


These accessories are obviously "must have" for all players suffering from a little too pronounced perspiration, but there is more radical than that for those who suffer from it all year round and who have a lot of trouble "manage" their perspiration during the summer period.



For all those who run winter as summer without finding a viable solution to their concern for perspiration; who have tried all the solutions mentioned above without success, here may be the miracle product Who will make you relive on a padel field!



Magnesia Padel

It is surely the product that has the most effect against perspiration. It allows you to keep your hand as well as your sleeve in a dry condition and you Preserves slides during the game.

There are two types, powdered magnesia and liquid magnesia. For having tested both, I find that liquid magnesia is more effective than powder magnesia. You will just have to spread it on your hands, it dries in a few seconds and gives you a Optimal feeling of grip on your racket.


TALC Magnesia Padel

As you can see, several solutions are available so that you no longer be bothered by perspiration during your Padel games.

You can also, as I do personally in summer, use several of these accessories during your games. In order to be sure not to be embarrassed, you can for example combine a Hesacore grip with a perforated surgrip, as well as a sponge wrist and magnesia to apply on your hands during your match. And normally, if you follow these tips, you will not be more annoyed by perspiration during your crazy Padel parts! 😊


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